Saturday, May 30, 2009


Teaching kids about money is important and it is your job parents to teach your kids how to create a good relationship with their money.

Some people are asking themselfs when is the right time to start teaching kids about the money? Guess what - it is never to early is all i can say to that. As soon as you are able to communicate with your child and when kids start to participate in communication with their own words you can start thier money education.

Piggy banks are here from ever and kids more then just like them. But before you start teaching your kids about savings, credit cards, bank accounts and all other money related topics, you should start at the start. Get your child to get to know the money first. Show them all the coins and bills. Make them play with it. For kids everything is a game if you make it a game. And games and playing are FUN and teaching thru fun is much more affective when you are dealing with kids. For example make kids draw different bills, they can count the money, play store with them,... and just start slowly and give kids the time to get to know money first.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Maybe it is because I am an economist, but i like talking money. And because many people are feeling the effects of this financial crisis this days, many of them are realizing how important it is to have the right relationship with their money. So no better time then now to talk money.

Many people are in trouble right now because they bought something they couldn't afford (like a house). Many people were living on credit cards--some lost their jobs and not many had emergency funds. In some cases people were doing everything right but still lost a lot of their money due to the drop of the market.

I hope we all learn from this and start living our lifes in the smart way--but mostly let's teach our kids (New Generation) what kind of relationship they should have with their money (from from their early ages). Let's help them to become money smart adults--and competent investor's.