Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Money inetractive website for kids

I love kids and i love finances so i am trying to conect both. I found another website - interactive one - that i recomend for parents. It is fun and educational at the same time. Kids in my opinion learn more thru fun games. GIVE IT A TRY. Here it is:

take care


I found an amazing website with some great tools for teaching kids about money. You can read all about it but basicaly it is about transformation from old piggy banks to the new generation piggy banks. Now those are not only for SAVINGS anymore but have 4 main purposes: SPEND, SAVE, DONATE and INVEST. I really recomend it to all the parents that want to help their kids to become money smart.

Of course you can make your own version at home too - maybe with 4 different boxes of jars. You can buy 4 piggy banks and write on the SPEND, SAVE, DONATE and INVEST. Just use the this GREAT idea and let's teach new generation how to have the best posible relationship with their money.

I already bought few of them. For the reason of giving education too the kids i know about beeing money savvy but also due to how cute those piggy banks are. They offera lot of advices about how to aproach it all too. I just wanted to spead the word around.


All the parents you have to check this one - MUST for kids to be money smart!